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A disease in which cells divide and is known to destroy the body tissue is cancer. Several factors result to the abnormal growth of cells which are of many types. Chemicals, viruses and radiation are some of the factors that result to cancer. Among the various types of cancer, colon cancer is among them in which its located in the large intestine. Adenomatous polyps are small, benign clumps of cells that result to colon cancer overtime. Weakness or fatigue, unexplained weight loss, continuous abdominal discomfort, change in bowel habits that lasts more than four weeks are some of the symptoms of colon cancer. There is no definite cause attached to what causes colon cancer.

There are rare instances in which, colon cancer is resulted due to inherited gene mutation. The western diet is also another risk factor to colon cancer which consists of high fat and low fiber. Breast cancer is the other type of cancer that is widely recognized. The month of October is recognized as the month of breast cancer awareness. Duct lines contain cells that result to breast cancer as the main origin.

All in all breast cancer can be originated from duct lines and glands that make milk. The onset of breast cancer results to various signs and symptoms. Be sure to click for more ideas and tips.

Change in size or shape of the breast, discharge from the nipple, lump in the armpit, bloody discharge from the nipple and nipple change are some of the symptoms of breast cancer. Change of the nipple as a symptom is whereby it suddenly begins to point inward. The symptoms of breast are divided into two for the onset and the latter stages. Factors such as lifestyle, environmental factors and hormonal result to breast cancer, however there is no clear origin to breast cancer. Lifestyle, environmental factors and hormonal factors only increase the chances of getting breast cancer but are not the source to it. Get to know more about stage 4 lung cancer symptoms by clicking here now!

Skin cancer is also a common type of cancer which is defined as a locally destructive malignant growth of the skin. The manifestation of skin cancer is whereby stemming of cells occurs that line up along the membrane where the superficial layer skin separates from the deeper layers. Cancer of the skin is resulted from the various risk factors.

The risk of cancer is increased by  being exposed to chemicals such as ionizing radiations, arsenic, lead among others while use of tanning beds or being exposed to the sun for too long is grouped as ultraviolet exposure another risk factor. Shiny pink, red, pearly bumps, raised growth with a rough surface, open sores that won't go away and white waxy area that is poorly outlined resembling a scar are some of the symptoms of skin cancer. Find more details about cancer treatment by checking this website https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/losing-hair-from-chemotherapy-cancer_us_5bb26d8be4b0343b3dc32f33.

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