20 Dec

Cancer is a disease that affects our body cells. Our cells behave abnormally when they are affected by this disease like diving themselves too quickly or in an incorrect manner. Diving in an incorrect manner means the cells look different under microscope than the way they are supposed to. Cancer can affect many parts of our body. Cancer is commonly found in the lungs and breasts. Cancer is of different types and even how to treat them is different. cancer that is becoming a threat these days is the one that is called thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer come in two different forms. The two types of thyroid cancers are papillary and follicular are the common ones amongst others. These diseases have different symptoms, treatment methods and survival rates.

There is an institute called the national Cancer Horizons institute that researches mainly on cancer. The institute has a list of the most common cancers starting with breast cancer. The most feared disease that people fear is breast cancer because they get diagnosed with it every year. Women are the ones who et diagnosed by the breast cancer even though it is familiar with men as well. The media and fundraising efforts make use of breast cancer as their headlines. Breast cancers have some other subtypes of cancers.

Ductal carcinomas, invasive lobular carcinoma and inflammatory breast cancer are examples of subtypes of breast cancer. Different methods are used to handle all these types of cancers because different parts of our bodies are affected by these cancers. The second most common type of cancer is lung cancer. This disease affects the lungs and bronchus of human beings. More to that, there are other subtypes of lung cancer. Three of the most common lung cancers are non-small cell carcinoma, small cell carcinoma and lung carcinoid tumours. Be sure to view here for more ideas and tips.

The most common type of lung cancer is non-small cell lung cancer. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer. It is a fatal disease because most of the victims end up perishing. Most of the victims with prostate cancer end up also dying which makes the disease to be a threat. Like the lung and breast cancer, also prostate cancer has subtypes. Survival chances of prostate cancer are high if prostate cancer is found at an early age.

Cancers are different because there is another one called colorectal cancer. The two different types of this cancer are the colon cancer and rectal cancer. Our body parts that are affected by this cancer are the colon and rectum. If not treated using the right methods, this type of cancer can be a threat and even cause deaths. If it is discovered at an early stage, this type of disease can be treated without even surgery being involved. You can find more information here about cancer treatment just click this website https://www.encyclopedia.com/medicine/drugs/pharmacology/chemotherapy.

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